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Key Features

Inbox Placement

Inbox Placement Test is a way to check where an email will be placed by the user in his email inbox. It provides you with personalized and targeted placement suggestions that help you save time, optimize your marketing and increase your ROI.

IP Blacklist Monitoring

This service helps to check the status of the IP address i.e. is the reputation of the IP blacklisted? with DNSBLs, Spamhaus, SORBS and similar 100s of other services across the globe.

Domain Blacklist Monitoring

Domain blacklist monitoring helps to track the reputation of your domain and notifies you about the reputation of your domain.

DMARC Checker

DMARC Record Check is free and easy to use. You can perform a DMARC check by entering the domain name into the checker tool. The DMARC Record check will then parse and take a look at the domains’ DMARC record, providing results with helpful information like an evaluation of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.

SPF Checker

SPF determines the legitimacy of email by verifying the origin IP address against a published list of acceptable IP addresses that should be able to send email traffic on behalf of your domain. Domain owners publish SPF information via TXT records within the DNS.

DKIM Checker

The DKIM Check tool is meant to be an effective benchmark in order to verify your DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) records. This email validation service enables the authority of information transmitted via email. To achieve this goal, this tool will run a successful test against a domain name and its DKIM selector.


Increase Email Deliverability

XEmailAudit is a powerful email deliverability solution that automatically checks and monitors ISPs spam score, spam complaints, and spam block list to measure your email deliverability.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers are increasing day by day because the more the customers, more the business. Important aspect is to increase your customer satisfaction.This is the reason behind catching of customer heart.

Hyper grow campaign performance

XEmailAudit is a great way to manage your email marketing campaigns. It helps by monitoring your campaign performance and enables you to grow effectively. Also it can help you to track and assess the performance of your bulk email campaign.

High ROI

XEmailAudit is your all-inclusive solution to any and all concerns related to email campaign deliverability. Because they're the leader in their field, they will guarantee that your campaign's performance levels are second to none! They will ensure that if you make use of xemailaudit solutions that you'll get the very best ROI on your money.

Expand Your Email Reach

XEmailAudit is your most trusted partner for email outreach that guarantees and improves the deliverability of emails across all major email platforms, so your message will stay relevant even when in transit!

Convenient Pricing

Pay as you go, no need to pay extra. This powerful tool comes with free trials of varying lengths. After free trials, you can use the tool and only pay for it per-use in order to avoid getting stuck with anything you don't really need or want. Xemailaudit has convenient pricing to choose from.

Value For Money

Xemailaudit is a value for your money, the tool is cost effective, focuses on your real problem and provides exact solutions to it. We provide solutions for accounts that are facing issues in sending mails to a proper destination or also for accounts that are being rejected due to bounce rate or black listed in any major ISPs.

Tracking & Reporting

Track Progress

Our user-friendly application enables you to be able to track the progress of the verification of an email address in real time. You can easily view the verification of email and call the API. All you have to do is simply drag and drop email lists and our application takes care of the rest!


Our application provides you with a detailed, insightful report once the verification process is complete. You can download these reports in a range of different file formats, thus ensuring convenience. Verified email addresses result in higher open rate and higher engagement.


The results of the email verification enables you to be able to easily determine and distinguish between catch-all, verified and unverified mail addresses. We use a host of features like syntax validation, domain validation, MX record checker among many others to deliver the best results.

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