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With XEmailAudit

  • Inbox placement test

    XEmailAudit performs check on your email Id and shares the detailed report about the test

  • Audit email & domain

    Audit the domain on regular interval can increase your deliverability percentage.

  • Automated Inbox Placement Test

    The platform offers Automated Placement Test module which can seamlessly perform Automated Placement Test.

  • Easy setup

    The platform offers setup-ease through which email setup can be easily done

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XEmailAudit Features

Inbox Placement

Inbox Placement Test is a way to check where an email will be placed by the user in his email inbox. It provides you with personalized and targeted placement suggestions that help you save time, optimize your marketing and increase your ROI.

IP Blacklist Monitoring

This service helps to check the status of the IP address i.e. is the reputation of the IP blacklisted? with DNSBLs, Spamhaus, SORBS and similar 100s of other services across the globe.

Domain Blacklist Monitoring

Domain blacklist monitoring helps to track the reputation of your domain and notifies you about the reputation of your domain.

DMARC Checker

DMARC Record Check is free and easy to use. You can perform a DMARC check by entering the domain name into the checker tool. The DMARC Record check will then parse and take a look at the domains’ DMARC record, providing results with helpful information like an evaluation of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.

SPF Checker

SPF determines the legitimacy of email by verifying the origin IP address against a published list of acceptable IP addresses that should be able to send email traffic on behalf of your domain. Domain owners publish SPF information via TXT records within the DNS.

DKIM Checker

The DKIM Check tool is meant to be an effective benchmark in order to verify your DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) records. This email validation service enables the authority of information transmitted via email. To achieve this goal, this tool will run a successful test against a domain name and its DKIM selector.

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